Thursday, August 30, 2007

Check out the all new COKE ZERO!!!!

Most of my friends know i seldom take soft drinks nowadays as i'm concerned over the amount of sugar they contain. So, Helen called me up yesterday and told me to try the new Coke zero when i go out. And she assures me that it's the REAL TASTE of coke with really zero sugar content. She just entered for the Coke zeros campaign “Life as it should be” and told me it's real fun on the Internet. She even directed her own small movie and sent it me for viewing, lol.

She told me that Coke has found some old black & white film clips that i can use to manipulate my movie by using an easy voice recorder. It's just straightforward movie editing, add some conversation to it those kinda stuff, you know. Nothing complicated. Once it's done, i can compete it with others for it to be rated and see if i can get a high rating for it r not. They call it living “life as it should be”. Come, let's have some fun here and beat our friends to it!!!

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Simple American said...

I drink this everyday. It is nice. :)