Thursday, August 23, 2007

Checking out Hawaii beachfront condos

I just told hubby that if we ever go on a holiday, he has to make sure that the place we stay at had better have high-speed internet connection. I can go anywhere without lugging my laptop along. And all my wireless broadband connections will definitely not work overseas. Roaming with my mobile will surely burn a huge hole in my pocket. So, if he cant find a hotel with high-speed internet access... then i'm so not going.

Hubby understands me only all too well. He asked me to consider the same place which my sis stayed at last week. It's a beautiful Wailea beachfront condo with air-conditioned units and most importantly, high-speed internet access. Ya, i've already seen those wonderful pics of that place. I will keep that in mind. But let me check out more first. I'm sure there are more of those luxury Hawaii home rentals at I prefer to stay somewhere different from where my sister stayed at. Any suggestions?

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