Friday, August 17, 2007

Do you need help getting it right?

This is totally hilarious and ludicrous. Talking of the birds and bees, frankly speaking.... do you really need help on that topic. There's only one way to do it, right. Ok, the positions may be up to your imagination, but the act itself is just that. Unless you prefer backdoor entry, lol.

This is what i read from thestar online just now:

Many couples have approached Singapore’s Dr Love to teach them the right way to have sex.

Sin Chew Daily quoted Dr Yu Wei Siang as saying that about 15 couples would approach him each year to have him teach them the correct way to have sex.

Asked whether the couples were shy, Dr Yu said: “What is there to be shy of?” They are asking for help to solve their problems.”

So, if you think you need help, you who whom to approach, ya.

2 Responses: said...

Porn sites, thrashy novels since I was 12! Ok, maybe just thrashy novels back then, and advance to porn much later on. Hahaha.

Simple American said...

I would be too embarrassed to ask for professional help. Go find professional help on line. kekekeke