Saturday, August 11, 2007

Going to Hat Yai

This is just one of those rare occasions where hubby has to leave for a trip without making any prior reservations. Some last minute decisions and he has to go overseas. He came back after a meeting just now and asked me to help him pack his luggage for him whilst he took his bath. I asked him if he needs me to drive him out or not. He said no. His driver will be over shortly to send him to the airport. But he'd appreciate it if i can help him find a good hotel for the few nights he'll be away.

I only have two hours to make his hotel reservations for him. So, as usual i logged on to Hotel Reservations and found him two nice hotels in Hat Yai. I know he likes staying at Novotel Centara Hat Yai. It's near his office. He saves a lot on cab fares alone just by staying at the hotel. Sometimes, he stays at the Pavilion Hotel. But if possible, i'll book him at the Novotel. Moreover, he has corporate rate there. And he loves the facilities offered at the hotel. He only stays at hotel sthat provides dry cleaning facility and Novotel has it.

A friend of mine also does all her bookings there when she goes overseas for her business trips. As she stays at one city for up to one week at a time, she found that Hotel Reservations offers her the best deal so far compared to other sites. I only book there once in a while, so coming from a frequent traveler, i guess it's a reliable site for everyone wanting to make hotel reservations at. I love online booking. I no longer need to make endless phone calls nor drive out to the travel agent's office anymore. Aint life bliss with the internet around.

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