Friday, August 24, 2007

Hubby's going to Orlando

When i was a little kid, my uncle used to send me lots of postcards from Orlando. he's been living there for many years. Last week, i got to know that he will be back for a holiday. I've not seen him for years. The last time was at my Grandmother's place. Even though he's living all the way in Orlando, he does call back for a chat once in a while.

Hubby will be going to Orlando for a business meeting next month and asked me to check out some orlando hotels for him. I asked him why dont he stay with my uncle. But then, knowing my hubby, he likes to go out at night and Orlando has so much to offer. He read from Orlando .com that there many entertainment outlets there and that nightlife is great in Orlando. he wont be bored there, i know.

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