Friday, August 24, 2007

MIL wants Whirlpool range cooker

MIL finally decided she wants a Whirlpool range cooker. She agrees with me that the oven will come in handy, especially during festive seasons when we need to bake cakes and cookies. And Christmas is just a couple of months away. She did ask me to bake some last year but she forgot that we only have an old microwave oven.

Who bakes cakes and cookies using a microwave oven, right. We need a proper oven to do the job. And i'm sure these Whirlpool Ranges from Krillion are real performers. Now, she only needs to decide how big she wants it to be. I told her the bigger, the better. I dont need to bake so many rounds. Saves time and electricity bill too. Geee.... i feel like baking already.

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