Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Ah BenQ rocks!!!

Hubby commented that the video playback on our new notebook is very smooth. And that's even when he's multitasking at the notebook. There can be more than 4 programs running concurrently and yet, there's no glitches at all. I told him it may be due the memory and the graphics cards. He asked me if our notebook uses IBM memory or not. I told him i dont think so as our notebook is a BenQ, and not an IBM machine. As long as everything's fine and he's happy with it, i consider our recent purchase a good investment.

Meanwhile, our old computer is still at the computer shop. No idea when we'll get it back That old machine only has 512Mb ram. I guess it's in need of a memory upgrade. Jerry says i'll be able to buy some from Just by using their Memory Wizard, i can find the exact computer memory type with the click of a button. Easy, right. And they come with lifetime warranty too!!!

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