Thursday, August 02, 2007

Over dinner just now......

Hubby's uncle dropped by and invited us out for dinner at a nearby restaurant. We asked him what's the occasion for and he says it's just a small little family gathering, nothing much. For the records, he's a bachelor and lives by himself. It was after a few brandy that he finally told my FIL that he made some money dabbling in options trading.

That's news indeed, lol. It was only a couple of years back that he lost a few thousand bucks dabbling in stocks and cursed like mad. And now, he's into options trading. Well,he says it's different this time. He now uses an options screener to help him limit the stock to trade. And it also help him make better investment decisions. Oh well, i wish him luck. Let's just hope he earns more and buy us dinner more often.

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Simple American said...

Options are dangerous. They wiped out my brother and he never recovered financially. He was also a bachelor.