Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trip to France

Whenever i think of Paris, images of romantic evenings by the Champs-Elysees and portrait artists painting a drawing of me conjures up. Apart from that, i dont think you need a reminder that Paris is also fashion hub for men and women alike. A friend of mine who works in the airlines used to tell me whenever she flies to Paris, she'll most likely spend a lot of her time shopping for designer goods right after she and her friends check into some Hotels in Paris. She wont be caught dead sleeping in a Paris Hotel. Her only complaint is that her salary alone cant cope up with her frenzied shopping spree at times, lol.

Now, if i were to go to France one day, they are quite a few places that i'd like to visit. Take for example, The Louvre. It is formerly the residence of the Kings of France. The Louvre is one of the French capital’s most renowned sites, rich with its past and collections. It is now one of the world’s greatest museums. Hubby loves going to museums. So, this is definitely a MUST-VISIT for us. Another place of interest is The Lido. This little cabaret is well known for its shows and dancing since 1946. You have not been to France if you do not pay a visit to The Lido. For this Christmas, why not reward yourself with a trip to France and stay in some luxury Hotels in France for a change? You're going to enjoy it.

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