Monday, August 20, 2007

Website for dating sober men and women

My girlfriend dated an alcoholic once and she told us how he abused her whenever he came back drunk. He didnt stop hitting her even though she threathened him many times that she'll file a police report against him if he ever hit her again. This went on for some time and she finally found the courage to leave him. And yes, she did file charges and even obtained a court restraining order too to prevent him from getting near her as she's afraid that one day he might kill her. He was very angry for a while and left her alone after a few months. She got to know from his sister that he has fled to another state after his current girlfriend fie another police charge against him for abusing her the way he did her.

After this ordeal, my girlfriend has not been dating. She has lost all confidence in men after what he did to her. Everytime someone approach her for friendship, she will shy away. She vowed never to date another man unless they are perfectly sober. She hates anyone who drinks. Not even a drop of beer. I saw her with a man a few week ago. She called up for a short chat yesterday and i took the opportunity to ask her where she got to know him. She told me a friend of hers introduced her to a dating website. It's, a dating and matchmaking site with over a million sober members. What makes it different from other sober dating sites is all their members are REALLY sober and not those recovering from their alcoholism problems. If you are into dating sober people only, then this is the dating site to be. Check it out.

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