Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What the heck was he thinking?

The sky was dark so i hurried out to the backyard to take the laundry in and also hang the whites out as i've just washed them. Geee.... i hate laundry day. The towels are in the machine now and there's another batch of colored ones to go next, wtf. That will have to wait till tomorrow as i know it'll pour.

I saw hubby carrying Malcolm at the porch and i walked out in my clogs to play with him for a short while. Hubby just brought him back from across the field and he handed him to me and walked back into the house. Niamah.... think i've nothing to do is it. Wait for him to take his socks and put them on wor, whilst i stand outside the house like a dunggu. Chi9sin wann.

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