Friday, August 24, 2007

Where to buy Taurus radiator

It was a sunny afternoon and my cousin sister drove over in her Ford Taurus. Her dad bought it for her and it's the first time i'm seeing her drive it. She invited me for a ride and i jumped into the car. We're only going round the neighborhood, lol. My kids are inside the bedroom. We came back about 10 minutes later and she came in for a short chat.

Told me she wants to replace her Taurus Radiator but have no idea where to get it from. The mechanic told her he doesnt have stock and that she needs to get it by herself. I knew Jordon got his from So, i told her to get it from the same place too. According to Jordan, they have nearly all the radiators for most cars. How convenient. I'll keep that in mind too. Hubby will soon need to replace ours.

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