Sunday, September 30, 2007

Buy Term Life Policy without medical examination

Let's just face it. Many people cannot afford to die these days. Dont think that life ends the moment you die, cos it's not. If you are not insured and you have a lot of mounting debts, your next of kin is going to suffer as they are left to handle all the debts that you've left behind for them. It's true. My dead friend's wife is still repaying her husbands debts as he didnt buy life insurance when he was alive. He didnt believe in it and didnt think that he'll die at such a young age. Too bad, he was rammed by a truck on his way to work one morning. He's only 36 when he die.

With three kids to care for, his wife is struggling to put food on the table and has to hold three jobs. It's a sad story. If you love your family, then do them a favor and protect them by buying insurance for both yourself and the ones you love. It's very affordable these days and if you are the kind that do not being subjected to medical examinations, then you may want to check out They offer Term Life Policy for up to $150000 without the need for medical examination. You may want to check the site out for more information.

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