Saturday, September 01, 2007

Check out

Dawn, i just want you to know that Grace Chen gave birth to a her baby boy some time back. I cant remember when cos when i upgraded my phone's firmware, all the messages got wiped out. Eh... you know who Grace Chen is or not. You do know her right. The girl who married an Indian fler. I dont know when she'll be back with her baby boy for a visit. But i'd like to see him and hand him a present.

Talking of presents for newborns, i know it can be difficult for someone who've not been a parent before to buy something for the little guy. Yes, i've been in that situation many times before when i was still single and my friends had their babies. Nowadays, things are much easier with websites like They have tonnes of reviews ranging from baby stores, doctor guides, family-friendly dining places, and much more. It's a massive search engine aimed at helping buyers make better choice for baby products and services.

So, next time when you need to pick up something for a friend's baby shower or birthday, you can find the right gift at With over 120k reviews from users ther, i'm sure you will be able to find the perfect gift without much hassle.

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