Sunday, September 30, 2007

Do you need help on credit card consolidation?

You wouldnt believe what campaigns some banks can come up with just so to get more people to sign up for their credit cards. I picked my kid up from school the other day and took him to Kopitiam Shatin Park for tea before we go home. It's just within walking distance from where i live. And the moment i turned into the corner of the road, i saw a big truck parked across the road from Kopitiam.

As if shopping malls arent enough for them. The bank involved is moving from neighborhood to neighborhood to get more of its residents to sign up for their credit cards. I'm actually quite pissed when i saw this. I feel this is just not right. Too bad there's nothing much that i can do about it except to walk quickly away from the truck when those well-clad executives waved at me from.

It's not good for a person to have too many credit cards. Especially if they cannot handle their personal finance well. Credit card make sit very easy for a person to overspend. If not careful, one may end up with a lot of credit cards debt and may need Debt Relief or Credit Card Consolidation help. Be disciplined when you have credit cards.

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