Saturday, September 29, 2007

Looking for a used car

Hubby says he'll buy me a used car soon so that i can send Gordon to school. Good also cos with an extra car around, i can go back to my mom's place with Malcolm after i've sent him to school. Malcolm is alone with me all the time. So, i think he'll like going to my mom's where there are more children there to play with him. And i can take my laptop along with me too. He can play with his cousins and i can blog in peace, without him trying to climb over my head all the time.

I dont know what car will suit me. I'll check out those Used Cars at and see if i can find one that i like. How about a RED MPV? I think i'll look hot driving one to school. I think an MPV will make the ideal family car as it is a very spacious vehicle. There will till be seats at the back of the car even after i've installed car seats too. And i have two. It's not easy to look for Used Cars and i need to take my time.pi find one soon.

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