Friday, September 07, 2007

Elegant teak patio furniture

I really hate it when my nosy sisters-in-laws drop by and brag about their shopping, their spa, their home improvement projects, blah, blah, blah. Whatever it is, just do so away from my kitchen window, please. My baby cant sleep, for god’s sake. And just the other day, she was telling my mother-in-law loudly that she changed all her plastic garden furniture to teak furniture.

So, what’s the big deal. Everyone knows that there’s a
teak patio furniture promotion going at the mall right now. But what she doest know is that the company she bought from only sells rejects, lol. I know cos my friend bought from them before and found that every single piece of her purchase had defects on them. She approached the seller who later admitted that they were indeed rejects and offered her a refund lest she sued him for unethical business practice.

Oh no, I’m so not going to let my sister-in-law know what happened. Let her find it our the hard way. Me, I prefer to get my
teak patio furniture from reputable retailers like Do take a moment to check out their fine selected of high quality teak furniture and you’ll soon agree with me. When it comes to buying your next set of teak furniture, do remember to shop here.

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