Monday, September 03, 2007

Go to a nudist beach??

Given the choice, would you go to a nudist beach with your hubby or with a girlfriend? Hubby asked me if i'd consider booking ourselves at Maui vacation homes and take off for two whole weeks or not. Just the two of us; no kids. Wow, who's gonna keep an eye on my two monsters for two whole weeks, lol. Mother-in-law? I really dont think so. She wont even help me keep an eye on them for two hours. TWO WEEKS????

It'll be like hitting the Jackpot if she agrees to that. But coming back to the nudist beach. I'm game if hubby really want to go there. I've checked the Hawaii Travel Information and oh my god, you should really go take a good look at those beaches for yourself. No wonder so many people opt to go to Hawaii when it comes to beach vacation. Nudist beach or not, i just wanna be there.

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zewt said...

what if your hubby keep getting a hard on? and he aint looking at u?