Thursday, September 20, 2007

Have you bought your health insurance yet?

Hubby's away in KL again, and i'm left with both the kids. Aaron told me his brother-in-law is hospitalised again and he has to go pay him a visit tomorrow. And he has to help him pay for his hospital bill too. His brother-in-law was down with a sudden illness and he doesnt have health insurance. I like Aaron as he's always been a very generous guy and will always if he can.

I know his brother-in-law. That man is hardworking. Just that he's always been unlucky. But the thing is, he ought to get himself some cheap health insurance instead of depending on Aaron to help him out all the time. It's not the first time i heard Aaron telling me he has to help pay for his hospital bill. Though it's not much each time, what if he needs an operation and Aaron cannot afford to help him out? His life will be in danger.

I'm going to let Aaron know his brother-in-law can get cheap health insurance quote at He need not fork out a lot of money. He can be rest assured that there will be inexpensive health insurance available to him. He just have to know where to obtain it.

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