Tuesday, September 18, 2007

High quality Schutt football helmets

My cousin sister called to let me know that her son was hospitalised after his football game. Told me he suffered a concussion to his head. he was stubborn and did not wear his football helmet when he was playing. The ball smashed into the side of his head and he fainted straightaway. She was so mad cos the coach allowed that to happen. They should not be playing this high speed game unprotected. I hope she takes action against the school for this accident. Accidents like this can be life threatening and she was thankful her son was okay after the doctor ordered a CAT scan.

She now wants to buy his a New Football Helmet. She's heard of the Schutt ION 4D and SkyDex 2 from a few friends of hers whose sons are also footballers. Was told that they are one of the best as far as both style and safety is concerned. Though the price may be steep, she finds that if she wants her son to play safely, it's definitely worth it. She certainly wouldnt want him to suffer the same accident like what happened. If you are a parent, do ensure that your kids are protected if they play sports like football. Check out the links provided for more information on how to buy these Schutt football helmets.

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