Monday, September 10, 2007

I need a LAN Rack

I told hubby he should go check out those computer carts or LAN Racks at VersaTables and buy one back for me. The computer shop just called up and told me they will be sending my pc back soon. The motherboard conked out sometime back and i bought a new system and also a new laptop recently. I cant be without a computer. How else can a blogger work without one, right.

Those upright LAN Racks i swa at VersaTables are just what i'm looking for as they are more space-saving. I can also put more of my stuff there too instead of having them taking up so much precious floor space like now. My kids have no space to even play with their toys with my printer and scanner all over the place. With the LAN Rack, i can stack them up high and dont have to worry about them playing with it too.

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