Saturday, September 01, 2007

Is lapband a good way for weight control?

Many of my friends are surprised that i eat so much and yet stay so skinny. Oh yes, just have a meal with me and you can be amazed at how much i can stuff into at one go. And my waistline still stays at 24 inches. But most of them dont know that i am still breastfeeding my soon-to-be 14 month old baby.

Yeah, it's been that long. When i tell them, one of them told me she breastfed her baby too for more than a year and yet she's still getting fatter by the day. Until her Houston doctor told her to do something about it, or she'll have problems conceiving later on. He suggested he consult a houston lap band surgery specialist for his professional opinion on her weight gain problem and how he can help her control it with the procedure.

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