Monday, September 03, 2007

Is SeaWorld fun?

Ya, i know i promised Gordon that i'll knit him his Mickey Tee in time for his birthday. Too bad, it didnt materialise. I was too busy chasing opps for an entire month to even take my knitting out of its bag. They are rotting in there. Apart from Gordon's tee, i just realised i no longer like the crochet blouse design that i've done earlier.

No problem with that. I'll just unravel it and crochet another, what's the big deal. If i really want to make it up to my big-time die-hard Mickey Mouse fan, i think only a trip to visit the real Micky Mouse would suffice. I've earned so much last month. I'll go check out those SeaWorld Tickets at Orlandofuntickets and see what they have to offer me. Who's been there? Fun or not?

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