Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jobs in London

There was loud noise coming in from the kitchen just now and that woke Malcolm up from his nap. See, he's supposed to sleep till at least3pm. Now, i have to nurse him and type with one hand again. My mom was over just now with another wedding invitation card. My cousin brother is getting married. Geee... can i NOT go for a change. Waste of time, lol. These are the people i never meet unless it Chinese New Year. Apart from that everyone is MIA.

I heard he came back from London. Been there for years. I wonder if his bride is from London or not. I must have a nice chat with him one day and see what London has to offer. I heard that one of hubby's friends is looking for a jobs in London. My cousin may be able to help him out. A close friend of mine suggested that i take a look at first. There are many London jobs listings there. I will get hubby's friend to check it out.

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