Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Looking for truck accident attorneys Los Angeles

My friend's son just got his driver's license. He's young, only 17. His rich dad secretly bought him a brand new red sports car for his 17th birthday. He held a party for him and gave him the set of keys on that very same night the party was held. He took the car out for a spin and never got home. He died on the highway. He was wasnt speeding in his new sports car. He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. A truck jumped the road divider and rammed straight into his car. He died on the spot. The fire fighters took two whole hours to get his dead body out of the wreckage.

Both his parents were devastated and vowed to sue the hell out of the truck company who caused the death of his son. He's so young and had the whole world right in front of him. It's such a loss that his young life is snuffed out in an instant by some negligent driver. His dad hired some Truck Accident Attorneys Los Angeles to fight for his son's case. He had a friend whose wife died in a plane crash recently and he also hired Plane Crash Attorneys Los Angeles to file for compensation. They were very efficient and did a very good job. Though he will never get to see his wife again, he felt she can now rest in peace.

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