Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Marissa's coming back from Melbourne

My friend will be coming back from Melbourne for a short visit next month and asked me to recommend her a good hotel. Too bad i'm staying with my in-laws, if not, i'll invite her to my home. I've not seen her for such a long time. Yes, since the day we both parted at the school gates. And that was what, some 20 years ago. Her family migrated to Australia even before i finished studying my secondary years. But we've kept in touch through all these years.

I may be going to Australia end of this year. I'm still in the midst of checking out those Hotels in Sydney, Hotels in Melbourne and Hotels in Brisbane for great offers. My friend told me so much about Melbourne. She told me it's one of the best place to shop. Hubby will love to do some club-hopping and i know Melbourne has lots of fine restaurants too. My friend have been to many Australian cities before. I just need to ask her when she comes back.

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