Monday, September 24, 2007

My sis bought a Cuisinart Coffee Grinder from Mpire

There was nothing much to do lately. I got bored sitting at home and drove over to my sister's place. Her living hall was full of boxes. All unpacked and stacked up neatly against the wall near the entrance to the kitchen. I asked her what they contain and if they were for someone else. She says those were all her shopping.

My goodness!!! She must have spent a bomb on all these stuffs. I'm sure once her credit card statement arrives, someone will be nagging away on how much to repay. Those things turned out to be mostly household stuff and kitchen appliances which she bought from a place called Mpire. Have you heard of it?

She says it's more convenient for her to shop there as she can compare, check out pricing and also read up on reviews from both retail stores and also eBay all in one place. There's no way she can do that if she were to buy everything from several places. She says her best item is the Cuisinart coffee grinder. She got to read reviews from 39 buyers and also compare prices from 17 stores. She told me she saved more than $500 at Mpire and suggest i shop there too.

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