Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My supper.... last night's

Hubby really did buy me supper last night. It's actually fried tang-hoon. I thought what's so special about it that he wanted to tapau for me. At first, it tasted kinda bland and just like any other fried noodle. Texture wise, ok, not oily. Hate oily stuff. It goes straight to the bin if i find that my food's oily. I was thinking it's too much for me to wallop at that hour and i saved some up for Gordon in a Tupperware. Hubby then told me it tastes better with the sambal. Ok, what the heck. I waited long enough for it. Might as well try that too. And, boy.... it was damn cun. I whack it all up, plus those i set aside for Gordon, lol. Ok, so he didnt bluff me after all.

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5xmom.com said...

Wuah...i want! I love fried tanghoon but hard to find good ones around.