Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Online shopping at CouponChief.com

Hubby's birthday is about 10 days away and i still havent got a clue what to buy for my man. The only thing i can think of that he might like is the Nokia N95. If he doesntlike it also i'm not bothered. I can always use it for myself, lol.

Anyway, he did say that i'd better start preparing a shopping list for the festive season soon and not to do it at the last minute. He knows i can be very forgetful and always lose track of time. Yes, i'm good at shopping, dont worry. It's one of the things i do best.

But i hardly have the time to go to the malls lately. I prefer online shopping these days as i found i get better offers at CouponChief.com. I love buying all my kitchen items at Linens N Things. I'm eyeing the Kitchen Aid mixer this time. You must check out those offers at SpaLook. It's also one of my favorite place to shop for bath items. Have fun, ya.

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