Sunday, September 02, 2007

Where to get Miami Heat Tickets

I truly understand how troublesome it is having to drive all the way to the ticket booth to obtain tickets for your favorite NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL team. Every time i hear the kitchen door banging, i can tell that my FIL failed to get his Miami Heat tickets. He never enters through the kitchen door unless he's pissed. It's the only door that wont break when he slams it. It's metal door, lol.

I bet if he does that to the glass door at the main entrance of the house, we will be replacing it with a new design every fortnight. I believe i told him before that he ought to get his at Premium Seats USA. They provide a huge selection of first-class tickets to all concerts, sports and theater events nationwide. He wont miss any of his favorite sporting events if he gets his there.

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