Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why i didnt buy the Dell notebook computer

I was clearing out the boxes from under my bed and i came across my old notebook computer. Remember? The one that my kid poured water over the keyboard two years back and ruined it? I took it out from it's tomb and tried plugging it in. I might be in luck, who knows. Nawww. too bad it did not power on as anticipated. I'm going to ditch it.

Before i bought my Ah Benq, i did check out Dell notebooks from their online shop. I dare say their price are one of the most reasonable around and their specs are even better than many with the same specs. The reason i didnt buy from the Dell Notebook Shop was i have to wait three freaking weeks to get my machine. Ya, i was eyeing the XPS M1330 then. Too bad, i cant wait that long and eneded up with my Ah Benq. Not that i regret too. But given the choice, i still prefer the Dell.

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