Friday, September 14, 2007

Will my breasts ever look the same once Malcolm's weaned off me

Okay, the room is all clean and tidied up now. My mother-in-law is happy and i'm even happier. You know why. I found my favorite Versace skirt and i can still fit in it. Of all the designer clothes that i've bought over the years, this is the only one that still fits. Oh no, i'm not going to wear it anymore. Nobody wears off-seasoned designer clothes, k. I have a friend who is very stingy but loves to wear designer clothes. She thinks she can wear them forever. We keep seeing her attending important occasion with the same designer little black dress. Me, i wont even wear the same piece more than three times if i can help it. I hate bumping into someone and they tells me things like, "Eh, hi. Wow, your dress looks great on you. Isnt this the same one i saw wearing to Harry's wedding last month?". I tell you, i wouldnt allow myself to be caught in such a situation ever.

Now, that got me thinking for a moment. Let's just say, one day i wake up and look into the mirror and dont like what i see, would i visit a los angeles plastic surgeon? Now, that's just a thought. I know all these famous celebrity plastic surgery experts are very skillful. I can come back looking 20 years younger, lol. I'm still breastfeeding my baby now and my breasts still looks full and perky. But then i know one day when my baby weans off me, i'll surely lose that fullness. If my breasts dont regain their shape and size, i'll go for a Los Angeles Breast Augmentation. What about you? Will you ever go under the knife just so that you can look beautiful again? Just imagine how you'll look in one of those sexy dresses that has a low neckline. Only women with full and rounded breasts can carry them well. Will you??

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