Thursday, September 20, 2007

Worried about hair loss

So, you think only male have hair loss problems? Wrong. Women are plagued with hair loss woes just as much as men do, or maybe even more. The reasons are plenty. Some say stress, which i strongly agree. Cos i'm stressed to the max lately and i'm losing quite a lot of hair these day.

Another contributing factor is when you are suffering from certain nutritional deficit required for normal hair growth. Unknown to many, some shampoos and treatment products may not be suitable for your hair type and that alone can contribute to it also. Another common reason is hormonal unbalance.

See, these are just a few reasons. Just so that you know, you are really not alone in this. Read more about Female Hair Loss problems at the Womens Hair Loss Blog. Participate at the Women's Hair Loss Project. Dont suffer in silence. Do share your thought about your hair loss experience with others out there.

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