Saturday, September 15, 2007

Would you like some Goji Berries?

I've been feeling down and moody for the whole day since yesterday. I've been like that since i woke up. Even when hubby asked me if i want to go out and get a new phone also i dont have the mood to go. Mine is still at the service center and i've lost interest in it already after so long. They took so long to get it fixed for me. I think it must have been the weather. It's either very hot for days on end, that even the air-conditioner doesnt really help much. Or it rains out of a sudden. I got caught in the rain that way the other day and fell ill.

My friend got to know and sent me some Goji Berries to try. She says it's a great antioxidant and will help detox my body. Her kids loves it very much. It's very sweet and natural. Ya, i've heard of it. I also know that it's one hell of a greatest mood enhancer too. I think if i were to drink some Goji Berry Juice now, it'll definitely uplift my mood a little. I wonder if hubby would like to try some or not. He's also feeling moody of late.

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