Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You must take a look at these classy Solisa Jewelry

My mother-in-law has been asking me lately why she hardly ever see me wear any jewelry. She's actually hinting as to why i never wear the set of gold jewelry she bought for me as my wedding gift. It's a gold chain with a matching bracelet. I told her that i'm afraid that the bracelet might scratch my baby when i carry him. And he also likes to pull at my collar too. If i wear any form of jewelry, he might yank it off my neck by accident. And if it drops, i might lose it forever. No, that set of jewelry is far too precious for me to lose. That's the reason why i keep them away safely in a box.

The only jewelry that i can wear nowadays are ear studs. Nothing that dangles as my baby will pull it off me. Thats' very painful, you know. Ear studs are the best. I have a few pairs of diamond ear studs, but they are at the safety deposit box at the bank and i'm too lazy to go take them out. I think i'll just go get myself a few more set from Solisa Jewelry instead. I like those earpins. So unique and eye-catching. And they are so affordable. I wont rant even if i lose them.

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