Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You must take a look at these hot party favors

I bet i'll be getting lots of wedding invitations after this month. Every year without fail, i'll get like a minimum of 10 wedding invitations. Sometimes, they fall on the same day and both hubby and i have to attend one each, lol. Unless it's really close friends, i wont attend. I'll only send a gift or angpow over. Relatives, depends on which side they are from. If my hubby's side, i get my mother-in-law to attend. But my side, too bad. Gotta go, If not, my mom is sure to rant.

The only thing i like about weddings is the preparation part. My favorite being selecting wedding favors. And a good place where you can get great wedding favors is They have lots of party favors, bridal shower favors, baby shower favors, christening favors, and many more. You must check the site out for yourself. I've not seen such a large collection of fun party favors before. And some are oh-so-cute. I have a soft spot for cute stuffs. But even if i'm not getting married, i can still buy them as gifts for friends, right.

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