Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Custom T-shirts online

I can draw and paint very well, just that i havent lifted a brush in years since i moved back from the city. All my stuffs are still neatly packed in their boxes up in the attic. I wont go digging for them. I have all my precious brushes and art tools except for the easel, which i gave away to a friend's daughter.

My friend dropped by my place the other day and asked me to help her out with some tee designs. She needs me to help her draw some cartoon on them for a group event she's holding for a bunch of kids. Too bad, i cant help her out as i wasnt feeling too well that day. My head was spinning as i spoke with her at the living hall.

But i did ask her to go to and find out more about their screen printing and embroidery service. They will be able to provide her with a quick quote. Delivery is also speedy with only 1 to 2 weeks needed to get the job done. She may want to hop over to site if she wants to get those tee ready in time for the event.

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