Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Daryl's looking for Fujitsu POS equipments

My cousin, Daryl, is still rushing for his shops grand opening. He has to get everything done up as soon as possible because holiday season is just round the corner and many people are beginning to buy gifts now. It's only 2 more months away to Christmas, and i've also started buying gifts for friends and family members as i dont wish to do it at the very last minute.

Daryl proposed to his business partner to get those used point of sale equipments instead of getting new ones this time. He has a few friends who are using ibm pos equipment and they say they have no problem with them. In fact, they recommend Daryl to get the same set or the Fujitsu Point of Sale equipment, the same one they are using. He can but them from Vision Pos, a specialist in both used and new POS equipments.

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