Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Do you want to sell off your structured settlements?

My uncle dropped by last weekend to discuss ways he can sell off his Structured Settlement. He doesnt want to wait so long to receive the full amount. According to him, by the time he gets the full amount, he might be dead already. I told him since he is the beneficiary of those structured settlement payments, he can do anything with them. And this is including selling them off for a lump sum payment. he says he's heard of this before from a friend, but cannot recall which company deals with Structured Settlements.

I asked him to wait and called my friend up. I remembered he sold his off some time back. Maybe he'll be able to refer my uncle to the same company that handled his structured settlements. He told me my uncle can go to a company called Stone Street Capital, who specializes in specialty finance. They have been in business for over 15 years and they can help my uncle convert all his future payments into a lump sum of cash so that he no longer has to wait so long to get his cash. It's called the Lump Sum Cash Option. According to my friend, this is best way to get cash from structured settlements. I hope my uncle will get in touch with them soon.

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