Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Buy wholesale sunglasses

Hubby complained for the umpteenth time that his designer sunglasses keep disappearing from the car. I think it's because he keeps forgetting to take them out when he sends the car to the carwash. I told him many times that those cleaners there will most likely steal it from the car. Most of my friends who frequent carwash centers have this experience and they have to remember to remove their designer sunglasses each time. If not, they'll risk losing them. And those Sunglasses are really expensive. They can be a few hundred bucks each.

I told him to buy Wholesale Sunglasses next time as they are way cheaper and looks exactly like the real thing. Come on, who can tell them apart from afar. Moreover, he only wears them inside the car. I think i'm going to buy them in bulk from ctswholesalesunglasses.com and sell them for a handsome profit. They are so cheap that i'm sure most of my friends and relatives will want to buy them.

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