Monday, October 01, 2007

I want to go to Hawaii

I think i blogged about my cousin's wedding function earlier, right. Like i said, it's really kinda silly of him to hold his wedding function in the afternoon. I heard so many people complaining about the heat and also the venue where the function was held. Oh, the food was great. Just that everyone felt that it's a bit too much for lunch. I share the same feelings too. A heavy lunch really makes someone sleepy. Geee.... i hope anyone about to get married had better not hold theirs in the afternoon.

But if they were to book a few Maui condos and invite all of us to Hawaii, that's a totally different story. I know that Hawaii is great at this time of the year. I think a beach wedding would be best. I was reading some articles at a Hawaiian travel blog and found some really nice Hawaiian Beach Rentals there. I think i'm going to bug hubby to book one for us this year end. I need a break.

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