Monday, October 01, 2007

Maui vacations, anyone??

I have a few more wedding events to attend this month. And i think those invitations wont stop coming in until the end of this year. It's the same every year. A lot of people tend to get married towards the end of the year. But whatever it is, i just hope i'm not seated right beneath those blaring speakers like what happened yesterday at my cousin's wedding function. It's really eardrum-busting and irritating, i tell you.

Given the choice of honeymoon destinations, most of my friends prefers to go to the beach. A friend of mine just got back from Hawaii. Told me those Maui Vacations are really fun and relaxing too. Yes, i know, i want to go there too myself. But my kid still has to go to school. I've read from Hawaii travel blog that there are many affordable Hawaiian Beach Rentals for family vacations these day. Since i have nothing much to do now, i'll go check them out.

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