Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Take a break at Hedonism All Inclusive Adult Resort

Sometimes, i dream of being single all over again. Single here means not attached; unmarried; no boyfriend either. I've dated many men before, and sometimes, a relationship can be stifling. Whenever men that i date make an attempt to control my life, it's time for splitsville. I hate being controlled. Dont expect me to do as you please because i'm a strong and opinionated woman. Certainly not someone who enjoys being told what i can or cant do.

Another thing i love being single is i can always go on a vacation to those adult resorts, where i can ogle at all the men that i want. Embark on all the adult fun that i want without a tinge of guilt. Yes, who dare to say i cant go and enjoy myself at a resort full of hunks? Take the weekend off, pack my bags and fly away to some Hedonism Resorts, far far away like Runaway Bay in Jamaica. Even the name sounds good to me. Yes, given the chance, i's sure like to be single all over again.

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