Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Are you looking for a document scanning service?

I was at my friend's office the other day and he was telling me about turning his office into one of those paperless office. He knows that it's nothing new, just that he hasnt implemented it though paperless office has been around for over a decade. Right now, 95% of his company's critical information are laid out on desks or filed away in cabinets. He only got to know about this Sarbanes-Oxley lately which required businesses to properly maintain financial records of their company and workers. This is so that it's easy to retrieve when required. The Fair and Accurate Credit Reporting Act (FACTA) requires all businesses to properly safeguard the personal information of all employees and customers and also to properly destroy it.

He's now thinking of getting a Document Scanning Service company to transfer all his paper records into electronic copies. He was told that the electronic copies are now available to anyone with access to the document database. All these document can be quickly found using specific keywords. And when a hard copy is required, it can be printed out, and once used, can be shredded and even recycled. He now keeps most of his documents inside a big store room and each time someone has to locate a particular document, there is bound to be lots of time wasted in there. Therefore, a Document Scanning Service can definitely help him safe time and money so that he can concentrate in running his business better.

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