Thursday, November 08, 2007

Are you looking for a good nursing home?

A neighbor who lives down the road was telling my mother-in-law that she's considering moving to a nursing home one day. She's more than 70 years old and her husband passed away some time back. All her children are working overseas and seldom comes home. She feels that it's much better for her to stay in a nursing home as there'll be nurses and caretakers to tend to her. She's getting older by the day and dont want to live alone.

She got to know that her sis who lives in England also lives in a nursing home. She spoke with her over the phone and learned that she found a good nursing home with the help of Bettercaring, a website dedicated to helping people do just that. She says it's way better to have people their age to chat with during the day as it keeps her mind busy and there are also a lot of activities at the nursing home where she stays. It's a great place. Well, i hope my neighbors finds a good one soon too.

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