Monday, November 19, 2007

Beautify your garden with some outdoor cushions

It still rains here every now and then, though not as bad as a month ago. My kids are still stuck home with me indoors as i dont like them playing in the damp grass. Moreover, there are a lot of mosquitoes in my area after a bout of rainy season and i sure wont want them to be down with dengue. One of my neighbor's grandson died of dengue a few years back and i'm very careful as far as dengue is concern. She still talks about it and keeps telling anyone that would listen to be very careful when their kids are playing outdoors.

My kid is running a temperature right now and the first thing that crossed my mind is dengue. Oh, yes, i am paranoid, and i bet you will too if live here. But you dont worry, ya. I went took him to the dioctor's and he gave him a clean bill of health. He's having a sorethroat. nothing serious. I took my kids over to my sis the other day as she bought some garden furniture and organized a garden party. I love those Outdoor Cushions very much and told hubby to get some for our garden when the rain has stopped. I can sit there and watch my kids play more comfortably.

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