Saturday, November 24, 2007

Buying wine and wine racks for Christmas

I didnt get the chance to go shopping this afternoon. I spent the whole day watching TVB Drama Series and playing Chuzzles, a very addictive game that Gordon conjured from out of some folder stashed inside one of my many hard disks. He's becoming better and better at digging through my files. But, i dare say i love the game very much and if you've not played it before. DONT TRY!!! You'll be rendered a useless person after that, with lots of work piling up undone. Sigh... and tomorrow's Sunday again. The mall is going to be so jam-packed with holiday shoppers.

I told hubby i wanted to go get lots of wine as they do make great Christmas gifts for friends. There's a wine store down at Jusco and i can just pick some up for ourselves too. I havent had a drop of wine in ages and dying for a taste of some good wine. And then there is the problem with storage. We cant just leave them inside the guest room. Hubby suggested we order a few Wine Racks from He loves their designs very much. Have you got a wine rack at home? If not, you may want to check out.

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