Sunday, November 11, 2007

Have you driven a Ford lately?

I've not sat in a Ford car for years. I dont really like their designs anyway. But i know they do have quite a few good models lately. I guess they are trying to make a good come back after so many years of absence from the motoring scene. My friend bought a Ford model late last montha and he says it's quite a good car. But to me, if it doesnt fetch a good resale value, i wont buy it. I like to change my car every now and then and if i cant get rid of it with a good price, i'll be stuck with it for a long time.

Let's just say i were to be stuck with an old Ford, wear and tear items like radiators cost a lot to replace. My friend replace his Ford Radiator recently and told me he bought it cheap from They carry radiators for all cars and if you find yours selling for a high price where you live, you may want to hop over to the site and check theirs out.

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