Sunday, November 11, 2007

I cant go to Rome with Alice

Alice had a word with me yesterday over her trip to Rome. She says her hubby couldnt make it at the very last moment and she has an extra air ticket and rome accommodation. She now wants to find someone to go with her or else she may have to cancel her trip. She feels that it's a waste as she has prepared for the trip for months. Booked flight tickets and those wonderful Rome hotels too. She told me she was surprised that she was able to find so many affordable rome apartments. I've not been to Rome before and would love to join her on her trip there. It's just too bad that i cannot just leave my kids with hubby or my in-laws and go off on my own, right.

But i just hope i wont have long to wait to go for my year end vacation. My kid's school is gonna break for holiday soon. Next week, if i'm not wrong. Then i'll be stuck with two kids till end of theis year. If i dont take them for a vacation, i think i'll go nuts very soon as all they do all day long is get into mischief. Are you going anywhere this year end? I'll have a lot to plan for if i were to go. Where shall i go to this time? I'll leave that up to hubby since he's the one who is paying for the trip, not me.

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