Sunday, November 11, 2007

FitnessBliss Bells

A few months ago, hubby still sport a big beer belly.he was complaining that most of his pants no longer fit him and he wanted to go shop for more. I told him not to do that as what he needs is more exercise, not more pants. If this continues, he will just be buying more and more pants and not losing any of it. I told him to go to the gym but he wants me to accompany him there. I told him unless he can get his mom to agree to keep an eyes on both our kids, he can very well ditch the idea altogether. Knowing him, if i dont go with him, he wont go either.

But i know it's also difficult to get his mom to help me out as she's not feeling well lately and needs to rest a lot. I asked my neighbor how he got rid of his beer belly. He told me all about the FitnessBliss Bells, a fitness software for dumbbell exercises. We have a few sets of dumbbells under the bed. We bought that many many years ago. I will definitely go get myself this fantastic software and get hubby to workout. I'm sure he will get his 6 packs back in no time.

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